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    Captura de pantalla 2014-06-09 a la(s) 18.06.22 La isla Brugal COMMERCIALS · Juan Torán · VIRAL FILM
    cuñaos Camino a Lisboa Borja Zausen · VIRAL FILM
    vogue2 The Lady of the Ring Borja Zausen · FILM
    MMT MAKING MMT SEGUROS (making off) COMMERCIALS · Juan Torán
    misinyu Misinyu Borja Zausen · FILM
    vodafone VODAFONE POWER TO Borja Zausen · FILM
    voluntarios Voluntarios Borja Zausen · FILM
    Captura de pantalla 2014-03-25 a la(s) 19.02.19 Nawja Nimri (Push it) Javi Gesto · Music Video
    national National Geographic Juan Torán
    BEBE BEBE ( K I E R E M E ) Javi Gesto · Music Video
    marien Marien Baker Live Forever FILM · Javi Gesto
    gomad Gomad! & Monster FILM · Music Video
    bread Bread Borja Zausen · FILM
    vogue1 Bride Borja Zausen · FILM
    mas alla Más allá de la etiqueta Borja Zausen · FILM
    lanevera La Nevera Roja FILM · Javi Gesto
    RUDY MMT FILM · Juan Torán


    We are Local

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    Music through our veins

    Music through our veins

    We compose for all our productions. We are musicians and we make cool music videos.


    Chroma Life

    Chroma Life

    One of the biggest sets with chroma in Madrid is wating for you.

    The travelling way

    The travelling way

    Our set, with over 20 m. shot camera is the perfect place to unleash your imagination.

    We make films


    • 300 m2 main studio.
    • 7m  x 7m  Cyclorama Chroma .
    • 5m White Cyclorama 5 m.
    • 20m camera shot
    • Dressing.
    • Bathroom with shower.
    • Make Room.
    • Chamber embodiment.
    • Armored Storage Room for equipment.


    • Panasonic P2 HVX200.
    • Panasonic AG-HMC151E.
    • JVC GY-HM750U.
    • JVC GY-HM790.
    • EOS 5D Mark II/EOs 7D
    • 4x BlackMagic Cinema (2k & 4k)
    • Hasselblad

    Lenses and filters for all makes and models.


    • Fluorescence Grills.
    • All kinds of lighting from 250 to 8K.
    • Led Lighting.
    • Generator set for filming outdoors.
    • Electrical panel for external locations.
    • Portable lighting reports and interview.
    • Flat rates of light.

    We are small but strong


    • Sound room.
    • Mixer SD video, HD, UHD, 8 cameras
    • Soundboard.
    • SSD Recording
    • Workflows Final Cut, Avid.
    • Tally on all cameras.
    • Intercom.


    • Wireless Lavalier Sennheiser y AKG.
    • Directional microphones  Sennheiser.
    • Sound poles.
    • Digital boards.
    •  Edirol Multitracks & Sound Devices.
    • Headphones and accessories.


    • Travelling.
    • Dolly.
    • Tripods.
    • Crane
    • Mini Dolly.
    • Multicopter up to 2,5 Kg.
    • Construction development. Technical staff. Production, DOP, Art Direction, Lighting, Sceneries, Costumes, Hair & makeup, FX, Castings.




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    Commercials for TV and Internet. Feature Films and Documentaries.



    Programs for television and internet. Thematic channels. Editorial Photography.


    2D-3D Art, Motion Graphics. Color.Audio Recording Studios.



    Cumi Torán
    Cumi Torán

    The flagship of the team. Her smile lights up more than a 8k w bulb.

    Coca Ramírez
    Coca Ramírez
    Production Assistant

    Nothing is impossible for her. The funky soul of this blessed team.

    Juan Ramón Torán
    Juan Ramón Torán
    Executive Producer

    In the biz since the year in which the video killed the radio star. Some call him the boss.

    Juan Torán
    Juan Torán
    Filmmaker & Composer

    Avid musician, surfer, skateboarder, parkour-loving and handyman. A little gem. “Carry tied shoe laces is mainstream,” he says.

    Javi Gesto
    Javi Gesto
    Filmmaker · Editor

    From here to there, always with that look that drives them crazy.

    Borja Zausen
    Borja Zausen

    Keep looking hard to find something he cannot define. If he finds it,  will let us know.

    Julio Corrochano
    Julio Corrochano
    Camera and lighting Coordinator

    Nibs, awake and engaged, give him wire and pliers and find your stage built in half an hour.

    Gabi Martínez
    Gabi Martínez
    Motion Graphics & 3d Artist

    You sit by his side with a crazy idea and, without realizing it, he has given shape to your dreams. 2D, 3D and all dimensions artist!

    Illy Rodriguez de Bethencourt
    Illy Rodriguez de Bethencourt
    Financial Director

    Her brain can calculate large sums, her smile can freeze you at room temperature. She is a Queen.

    Jose Antonio Fontes
    Jose Antonio Fontes
    Editor · Colorist

    Let his color memory flood your projects. Worth it.

    Ines Garcia de Vinuesa Hereza
    Ines Garcia de Vinuesa Hereza

    She operates as having an 8-core processor. Pure  accounting energy.

    Ainhoa del Castillo
    Ainhoa del Castillo
    Sound Technician

    The eye on our ears. Soundless heart can blow your mind.

    Muy Brands

    Trust is the belief that a person or group will be able and willing to act appropriately in a given situation and thoughts.


    The only print we leave is emotional


    WE ARE

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    This digital, ecological and social economic new paradigm we are living invites us to reinterpret the way we work. We move away from unsustainable large productions to boost small productions that will become gigantic.

    We take responsibility for our impact, offsetting our emissions through studies and detailed calculations of our activity. Although we avoid the most of the CO2 in our projects, we offset unavoidable emissions through collaboration with environmental companies that will  certify the entire process.. If you want to know more, clik here.

    We love to share the knowledge and experience acquired so it can be studied and developed in similar productions. Our production design is sustainable, given the green procurement of materials and developing a non-harmful to the environment strategy.



    we love madrid
    c/La Coruña 19, Spain
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